Deciduous Trees

Holly Acres Nursery proudly offers a complete line of Nursery Products that are proven performers in Colorado. Our nursery is at 6500ft, most of our trees in stock are hardy at that elevation. If there is a tree not listed here that you would like to purchase, please contact us and we will find it for you. Not all products that we carry are listed here. If it grows in Colorado, chances are we have it. This is a general outline of products we normally carry and is intended to help you decide on your purchase.  We update this page only twice a year.


autumn brilliance serviceberry Autumn purple ash tree colorado Cimmaron ash tree colorado
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Ash Tree
Autumn Purple
Ash Tree Cimmeron
Ash Tree Marshalls Seedless
Ash Tree
Ash Tree
plant habit, spring and summer
Aspen Tree Quaking
Birch Tree
River Birch
Birch Tree
White Birch
Box Elder Maple
Canada Red
Catalpa Tree
Crabapple Brandywine Crabapple Dolgo Crabapple Hopa Crabapple Indian Summer Crabapple Prariefire Crabapple Profusion
Crabapple Purple Prince Crabapple Radiant Crabapple Red Jewel Crabapple Robinson Crabapple Spring Snow Cherry Montmorency
Cottonless Cottonwood Narrowleaf Cottonwood Elm Tree European Mountain Ash   Hackberry
Hawthorne Crimson cloud Hawthorn   Pauls scarlet Hawthorn      
Honeylocust Imperial Honeylocust Shade Master Honeylocust Shyline Honeylocust Sunburst Linden Tree American Linden  Greenspire  Linden
Locust Tree Locust Tree Purple Robe Locust    Twisty Baby Maple Tree Armstrong Maple Tree Autumn Blaze  
Maple Tree Royal Red
Crimson King
Maple Tree Fairview/Deborah Maple Tree Emerald Queen Maple Tree October Glory Maple Tree Prinston Gold Maple Rocky Mountain
Maple Tree Silver Maple Plum Newport Plum Thundercloud Plum Cistena Plum Mount St. Helens Oak Tree Bur Oak
Oak Tree   Regal Prince
 Oak Tree  
Pin Oak
   Oak Tree     Red Oak Oak Tree    Swamp White Ornamental Pear Aristocrat Ornamental Pear Chanticleer
Ornamental Pear Redspire Poplar Tree Bolleanea Poplar Tree Lombardy Poplar Tree Theves Willow Tree Navajo Globe Willow tree Green Weeping
Willow Tree Golden
Ginnala Flame
Shade Trees
Evergreen Trees
Fast Growing Trees
Flowering Trees
Fruit Trees
Trees for Windbreak
Small Trees  
Trees with colorful foliage
Trees for wet sites
Drought tolerant trees
Tall Narrow Trees
Wildlife Trees
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Coop Extension
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Denver Botanic Gardens


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