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Chinese: Chinese apricot is an early bearing, heavy producing variety that is recommended for difficult climates prone to late spring frosts. The fruit is of good quality and medium to large in size with a yellow to medium-orange skin and flesh. Mid-to late harvest season. Apricot is small, very sweet and juicy, and has smooth texture. Tree bears young. Hardy to -20 Zones 4-9
Tilton: The Tilton apricot tree is the leading variety for freezing, drying, and canning. Tilton apricots are a unique looking apricot and are one of the most flavorful of all apricots.  It has a light orange skin. The flesh is firm and flavorful and it has a golden color with a red blush. A vigorous tree which bears heavy crops and is resistant to late frosts. One of the earliest ripening fruits.This longtime favorite is tender and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. It has medium sized fruit that is heart shaped. This selection is very productive and winter hardy.
 Ripens mid to late June. (Mid-season/self fertile). An excellent pollenizer for other varieties. Hardy to -20 Zones 4-9
Moorpark: Apricot is orange with deep red blush covered by dots of brown and red. Flesh is orange with fine flavor. Good for canning but very soft when ripe. Ripens mid-June.  Hardy to -20 Zones 4-9
Puget Gold Apricot:The fruit of the apricot tree resembles a small, yellow peach and is used for drying, desserts, preserves and canning. They can grow up to 25 feet in height and require full sun and medium water with good drainage. Resistant to disease.                                    Cold Hardy to -20          Zones 4-9
Plumcot Apricot: This hardy Interspecific Plum is a cross between a plum and an apricot. This popular fruit combines the spritely taste of a plum with the sweetness of an apricot. Has the smell of an apricot and the flavour of a plum. The Golden flesh fruit of Plumcot/Pluot - Interspecific Plum is firm, very sweet, simply delicious! Beautiful blossoms in spring. Hardy to -25 Zones 4-9
Sunglow NECTARINE: This nectarine is a longtime favorite for productivity, sweetness and cobblers! A yellow freestone with melting juicy flesh. Trees are very productive, winter hardy, and early bearing. Hardy to -20 Zones 5-9 Max elevation 5800ft
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Pollination of apricots: Use two different varieties for best fruiting, in most cases, Nanking cherry will do the job-and give you a tasty treat.

Pollination of nectarines: Most Nectarines are self-fertile so only one is required