Aristocrat Pear is a beautiful tree that is attractive in all four seasons. It produces masses of white flowers in early spring, followed by bright, glossy green, disease resistant foliage. Leaves turn a deep to reddish-purple in mid to late fall to provide spectacular fall color. The clean winter outline is upright to pyramidal when young and becomes broadly oval at maturity.

Aristocrat Flowering Pear trees have a more dominant trunk and open form that helps this deciduous, flowering species, to be less susceptible to wind damage. Home owners and landscapers place this tree in prominent locations because of the year around beauty it provides.


Hardy to zone 4, the Aristocrat pear is a flowering tree that reaches a mature height of 40 feet. The fruit is insignificant. This tree is pest resistant and tolerates drought, poor drainage, any soil; moderate winds, smog, and extreme temperatures.