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Large, full trusses of dark red,white, pink or lavender plumes and green foliage that emerges bronze in spring. Good in pots and tubs. Adds a nice colorful landscape accent and looks great in mass plantings. Growing Astilbe is very easy. Astilbe plants prefer partial to full shade. They need a soft soil, mixed with lots of humus or peat. The soil must drain well. Water the plants to keep the soil moist, preferably at all times.
Space plants 12" to 24" apart. They look best when planted in groups.
Astilbe are heavy feeders. In addition to a rich soil, add fertilizer high in nitrogen, on a regular basis. Mulch around plants to help keep weeds down, and to retain soil moisture. Mulch will also help to feed the plants as it decomposes.
These hardy plants will overwinter well. But, a layer of much is still recommended, especially in the coldest climates.

Hardy to -30F
Maximum Elevation: 7,000 Feet

Flower Color Group Red
Flowering Season Summer
USDA Hardiness Zone 4, 5, 6, 7
Growth Rate Moderate
Water Needs Moderate
Light Needs Full Shade, Partial Shade
Mature Height 20-24 inches
Mature Width 12-18 inches