Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Bursting with white flowers in the spring time, this small tree will fit into any sized landscape. It is grown either in a single stem tree or a multiple stemmed large shrub which is suitable for accent planting or privacy screening. The oval shaped leaves emerge coppery-red, becoming rich green throughout the growing season. Produces sweet purplish-black fruit which is promptly taken by the birds. The fall color is dramatic and outstanding! The bark is smooth and light gray. Hardy to --40F Maximum Elevation: 8,500 Feet

June berry is the most prolific and is more suited to growing for fruit along with Saskatoon

Tree Habit:Upright, Spreading, Oval
Height:15-25 ft. Tall                                         Width:15-20 ft.
Fall Color: Orange
Features:Showy Flowers, edible berries
Flowering Season: Spring
USDA Hardiness Zone:3, 4, 5, 6
Water Needs: Moderate
Growth Rate:Moderate
Light Needs:Full to Part Sun