‘Autumn Purple’ White Ash is a male tree, and is a cultivar of the species which is native to moist locations
The tree grows rapidly and is almost pyramidal with a
round top when young, but gradually slows down and
develops an oval shape. ‘Autumn Purple’ White Ash
prefers a sunny exposure where it will develop its
consistently-outstanding deep red, maroon or purple
fall color, whereas the species develops yellow or no
fall color. Fall color often comes earlier than on other
trees. I can not think of another tree with better, longlasting fall color. Recommended for buffer strips around parking lots or for median strip plantings in the highway; shade tree; residential street tree.


Tree Habit: round, dense, oval broad canopy
Mature Size:30-50' Tall
Average Width:30-40 ft.
Fall Color: Dramatic
Dramatic Features: Fall color
Flowering Season:None
USDA Hardiness Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Water Needs: Moderate
Growth Rate: Fast
Light Needs:Full to Partial Sun
Max Elevation: 7500
Fraxinus americana
Autumn Purple Ash