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Black Eyed Susan

Rudebeckia Goldstrum

A classic perennial that received the honor of the 1999 Perennial of the Year! Black-eyed Susans are flowering plants that grow over three feet tall. They have green leaves up to six inches long. Black-eyed Susans grow in open woods, gardens, fields, and roadsides. They grow quickly in just about any kind of soil.

These plants are most easily recognized by their flowers. They have yellow flowers with a brownish-purple center. Flowers are two to three inches across and grow on a stalk up to eight inches long.
Black-eyed Susans are often confused with coneflowers (Echinacea). May leave seed heads on for winter interest and for the birds. A biennial plant (that means its a short lived perennial that will reproduce by your seeds and water everyday in May to propagate seeds fallen from older plants) Other than being biennial...very tough deer resistant plant! Great for prarie gardens!

Height: 24"
Spread:1 ft. to 2 ft.
Growth Habit: Clumps
Growth Pace:Moderate Grower
Light:full sun
Moisture: Meduim  Dry
Characteristics: Native; Showy Flowers
Bloom Time: July thru Sept
Flower Color: Yellow to autumn color varieties
Uses: Beds and Borders