Boxelder forms a 40 to 50-foot-tall rounded canopy of very green foliage. The tree will grow just about anywhere and therefore it may have uses due to its fast growth and adaptability. The best thing about the tree is that it will grow on adverse sites where more desirable trees may not. It also will grow well in shaded areas as well as full sun. It has an amazing fall color and is a super fast grower! It is tolerant of drought as well as wet sites. One of my favorite fall leaves, changing slowly with all colors showing.
A colorful and unique selection of the rugged and adaptable North American native species, Sensation has proven over the years to be a handsome performer for harsh climates. Soft coppery-red foliage greets the spring with a burst of color before it matures to a refreshing medium green color. The compound leaves retain a hint of copper beneath the green through the summer before unleashing their brilliant display of bright red tones in the fall.





Box elders, also known as Manitoba Maples, have always been considered tough trees for tough climates. The seedless nature of this male clone makes it less attractive to box elder bugs, a pesky but harmless insect that feeds on the flowers of female trees and take refuge in houses in the fall. A more mannerly growth habit and improved branch structure results in as tough and adaptable tree that is less susceptible to storm damage than the species. During 30 years under average urban growing conditions, Sensation is estimated to grow in a rounded shape to a height of approximately 30-35 feet and spread of 25-30 feet

 Max elevation 9,000 ft

USDA hardiness zones: 2 through 8
Uses: Bonsai; reclamation plant; screen

Height: 30 feet
Spread: 25 to 30 feet
Crown uniformity: symmetrical canopy with a
regular (or smooth) outline, and individuals have more
or less identical crown forms
Crown shape: round
Crown density: dense
Growth rate: fast

 Sensation Boxelder Acer negando


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