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Evergreen shrubs are valuable in Colorado landscapes, offering something green for our long winters. Dwarf globe shaped evergreen trees such as Globe Spruce, Dwarf Norway Spruce, and Mugo Pine are best suited as specimen plants and foundation plantings, providing color contrast and a touch of class around the home. Junipers have many uses, and should be selected by height, spread and color. Low spreading junipers make great ground cover along retaining walls and sidewalks and are easy to maintain. Medium sized Junipers can eliminate soil erosion and prevent the need to mow along banks and driveways. Taller Junipers can be used as screens and snowbreaks.




Arborvitae Hetz Midget Blue Chip Juniper Blue Star Blue Rug Juniper Broadmoor Juniper
Buffalo Juniper Calgary Carpet Juniper Dwarf Austrian Pine Brepo Blue Spruce  Globe Spruce Dwarf Mugo Pine
Mugo Pine Picea Abies Pumilla Old Gold Juniper Sea Green Juniper Tam Juniper