Ginnala Maple  Amur Maple
Flame Maple (Acer ginnala ‘’Flame’) is one of the hardiest trees available as well as one of the most colorful in the fall. Brilliant orange-red to deep red foliage is characteristic of this seed source selection of Amur Maple. ‘Flame’ was chosen for its consistent fall color as well as improved form. Grown from a selected seed source, it was introduced to the nursery trade by the USDA Soil Conservation Service in 1978 and is now widely grown and appreciated for its toughness and adaptability to a wide range of climatic conditions.

Brilliant red fall foliage of Flame Maple makes this cold hardy tree a colorful choice for tough climates.
A low-branched or multi-stemmed tree, it matures to a height and spread of about 20 feet. Leaves emerge light green early in the season to herald the coming of spring. Mature foliage is medium green and fine in texture. Because of its USDA Zone 2 hardiness rating, adaptability to varied growing conditions, and small stature, we recommend it on our UtiliTrees™ list as an appropriate tree for planting beneath utility lines