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TREES Holly Acres Nursery specializes in hardy trees that thrive in Colorado and on the Eastern Plains. We carry a wide variety of trees in all sizes and price ranges, we even carry and ship bareroot trees in early spring and can arrange planting and delivery of larger balled and burlapped or container trees.  

Beautifully landscaped yards begin with the right tree in the right place. With new landscapes, farms, or gardens, start with hardy evergreen trees such as Pines, Spruces or Upright Junipers placed strategically to provide privacy for you and wind protection or snow breaks for the rest of your trees and plants. Then decide on your shade trees, A properly placed shade tree can increase your real estate value from 5-20%, reduce watering bills and provide cover.  Scroll down SEE PIC AT BOTTOM OF PAGE. Now that you have protection and can design, farm or garden.