Field-Grade Lilies
Asiatic Lilly Ajuga Anemone Asst. Fall Aster Monch Aster
Wartburg Star
False Sprirea
Babys Breath
Creeping Rose

Baby's Breath Gypsophelia Bachelor Button-Blue Montana Balloon Flower  Basket of Gold
Bee Balm-
Betony  Bitterroot Black Snakeroot Bugbane Black-Eyed Susan
Bleeding Heart Fernleaf Bleeding Heart Blue Flax Boston Ivy California fushia-Zauschneria Campanula-Peachleaf
Campanula-Canturburry Bells Campanula-       Blue Waterfall Campanula-Blue Clips Campanula Clustered Bellflower Candytuft  Catmint
Clematis_Jackmanii Clematis_BarbaraJackman Clematis_NellyMoser_2 Clematis Niobe Clematis henryi
Chocolate Flower Clematis-Jackmoni Clematis-Barbara Jackman Clematis-Nelly Moser Clematis-Niobe Clematis-Henrii
Clematis_RougeCardinal_2 Clematis_ErnestMarkham    
Clematis-Contessa Clematis-Ernest Markham     Columbine      Columbine Rocky Mountain 
Sundown Coneflower
Columbine Red   Columbine Southwestern    Coneflower-Purple Echinachea Coneflower Coneflower Double Scoop Coneflower-
Coneflower Coralbells Coralbells Palace Coralbells-Snow Queen Coralbells  
Presto Coreopsis Coreopsis_Moonbeam1 germagnif
Coreopsis Coreopsis Coreopsis-Moonbeam  Ballarena Geranium  Bloody Cranesbill Geranium  Blue Geranium
Wineberry Candy Daylily
 Geranium-Hocus Pocus  Daisies- Daisy-Crazy Daisy  Daylilles Daylily-Stell de Ora Daylily-Strawberry Candy
Daylily-Moana Loa Daylily-Red Stella Daylily-Happy Returns Daylily-David Kirchoff Daylily-Apache Daylily-Pardon Me
Dead Nettle Delphinium-

Blue Butterfly

Delphinium Denver Daisy Dianthus-Arctic Fire Dianthus- Indian Carpet
Dianthus-Brilliant Dianthus-Coral Reef Dianthus Echium-Red Feathers False Forget-me-not False Indigo
Fern- Ostrich Fern Fern-Japanese Painted Fleabane Foxglove Gaillardia-Arizona Sun  
Summer Wine Blanket Flower
Gaillardia-Arizona Red Gaillardia-Gallo Orange Gayfeather-Liatris Kobold  Gazania-Hardy Tananger German Catchfly Geum
Geum Globeflower Goatsbeard Goldenrod Guara              Whirling Butterfly GuaraWhirling Butterfly
Hens and Chicks Heart Leaf Bergenia Hollyhock-Miniature Hollyhock Honeysuckle-Hechrotti Honeysuckle-Halls
Licorice Mint
Honeysuckle-Orange Hops Vine Horehound Hosta - Hyssop-Agastache Coranado Orange Hyssop-Agastache Soneron Sunset
Agastache Hyssop Iceplant-Yellow Iceplant-Purple Iceplant-Red Iris German-     Many Colors
Iris siberean Ivy Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder Joe Pye Weed Jupiters Beard-Red Valarian
Hardy Lavender Ligularia_TheRocket8
Knautia  Lamb s Ear  Lavender  Lenten Rose Lily of the Valley Liguilaria-The Rocket
Russian Princess Lobelia


Lobelia Lobelia Lupine Maltese Cross Manzanita Panchito Meadowrue
White Dragonflower
Mexican Evening Primrose Missouri Evening Primrose Mums-Hardy Perennials  Monkshood Azure Blue Obediant Plant-white Obediant Plant-Pink
Oregon Grape Holly Painted daisy Pineleaf Penstemon-Red Pineleaf Penstemon-Yellow Penstemon- Penstemon-Red Rocks
Husker_Red Sorbet Peony
Penstemon-Huskers Red Penstemon Peony-Violet Peony-Light Pink Peony-Red Peony-white
Periwinkle Phlox Creeping  Garden Phlox Poppy Iceland Poppy Oriental poppy mallow
    Red Birds in a Tree Red Feathers Rockcress Rose Campion
Sage-Silver Mound Artemesia Russian Sage Salvia May Night Salvia-Rose Queen Salvia Greggi Salvia-Blue Queen
sedum_herbstfreude3 sedum_dragonsblood4  
Sea Pinks Sedum Autumn Joy Sedum-Purple Emperor Sedum-Blue Sedum Sedum-Dragons Blood  
sedum_tricolor scabiosa_columbaria5  
Sedum Sedum Self-heal Scabiosa-butterfly blue Scabiosa-Pink Mist  
Silverlace Vine Snow-in-Summer Snow on the Mountain Soapwort Stonecress  
 Strawberry-wild  Strawberry Sunrose Sweet Woodruff Thyme Creeping  
tritoma2 campsis_radicans2  
Thyme  Mother of Thyime Thyme Creepingwooly Torch Lily (Red Hot Poker ) Trumpet Vine Twinspur Coral Canyon  
veronica_redfox3 veronica_icicle2    
Veronica-Waterperry Blue Veronica-Red Fox Veronica-Sunny Border Blue Veronica-Icesickle Veronica- First Love Veronica- Royal Candles
Vinca Variegated Vinca Viola-Etain Violet-Corsican Virginia Creeper  
Wall Flower Westeria Vine Yarrow      

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Before you begin a new flower bed, it’s a good idea to map out your ideas. Use a garden hose to mark the outlines of the new bed or border and set potted plants on the ground where you’d like to plant them. Then stand back and take a look. Make adjustments now before you start digging.

Once you know how you want your new bed to look, you’re ready to prepare the bed.

If in a grasses area-remove the sod. Cut along the outline of your bed with a spade, then slip the spade just under the grass roots and cut a small strip of sod, rolling it up as you go.

If in a weeded area ( or bare ground) a rototiller can save your back, but the process is much the same. Be sure to fish out the weeds from the tilled ground so they don't grow back

After you’ve removed the sod-weeds-rock etc., you’re ready to dig the new bed. Begin at one end of the bed and shovel away one blade-depth of soil, piling it on the opposite end of the bed. Next, loosen the subsoil below about 1 foot deep, and add a top layer of compost. Now move to the next section of the bed and remove the topsoil, piling it on top of the loosened subsoil in the first section. Continue in this manner until you come to the end of the bed and cover the subsoil in this section with the topsoil from the first section. The loosened, enriched soil will work wonders for your plants!


If you have a rototiller, just add a nice thick layer of compost and till it in. If the dirt feels good, loose and is easy to plant in you've probably done it right.  Sand can feel pretty good too, so make sure the soil has a darker appearance to it yet still feels loamy.

After you plant your plants, water them in well. Add a weed preventer NOT WEED KILLER ("Preen" is one brand though there are several) Do this ONLY if there are only perennials in your garden. This will keep weed seeds from germinating for 6 months-It will also keep any seeds from growing. So ONLY if you don't plan on growing any seeds in the bed for that amount of time. Thick layers of woodchips make an awesome finishing touch and break down into the soil adding needed nutrients for most plants, keep roots cool, reduce watering by half, and help prevent winter kill for more tender plants.


PERENNIALS     Holly Acres Nursery and Garden Center specializes in hardy Colorado Perennials. There a hundreds of varieties and it is hard to list them all. The plants listed below come in even more varieties and colors, if there is something in particular you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call. This list is intended as a resource for planning, planting, and growing your perennial garden or landscape. Because of seasonal trends- Not all items are in stock at all times, so if you have a landscape planned- be sure to call about availability so we can have the exact selections you are looking for available to you when you arrive at the nursery. For detailed growing information including bloom times, pictures, other varieties, sunlight, watering and soil requirements click on a plant. (coming soon)