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 SHRUBS  Holly Acres Nursery proudly offers a complete line of  Hardy Shrubs that thrive in Colorado.  Shrubs in the landscape are not just beautiful as foundation plantings and in garden beds, but are also useful in creating a lush easy to maintain landscape. Shrubs can be planted on slopes or between trees that are difficult to mow around eliminating the need to mow or weed in these difficult areas. Bushes are also wonderful for directing traffic. A properly placed shrub keeps people in their paths. Shrub can also be used as hedges or screens, providing privacy, wind break, or as a living fence for boundaries or snow breaks. Many shrubs provide fruit and habitat for wildlife. There are some gorgeous colors which can add depth and contrast to any landscape. Flowering shrubs are always gorgeous and sometimes fragrant but don't forget the foliage for use of color! Mix blues, purples, variegated and yellow foliage plants for a striking display!

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