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Yellow & Gold Roses Yellow roses symbolize friendship, happiness and warmth. Yellow roses can also convey a desire to start anew or give a relationship a second chance after a quarrel or misunderstanding. Gold roses celebrate absolute achievement.



Autumn Sunset® Ch-Ching!™ Dream Come True™ Easy Going™ Flutterbye™  
Autumn   Sunset   
Ch-Ching   Grandiflora Dream Come True    Grandiflora Easy Going Floribunda Flutterbye Climber  
George Burns Floribunda Heart Of    Gold        Grandiflora Harrisons Yellow Shrub/Rugosa Helmut Schmidt Hybrid Tea
Jacobs Robe
Julia Child  
Julia Child
Midas Touch Hybrid Tea
Oranges & Lemons  
Persian Yellow Shrub/Rugosa Rainbows End Miniature  
Sky's The Limit, Cl.™ Morden Sunrise Rose Summer Love™ Lemon Drop  
Skys The Limit         Climber Strike It Rich   Grandiflora Sunrise Shrub/Groundcover
Hybrid Tea