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Its hard to imagine a garden without annuals. These remarkable plants brighten up the garden with instant color and delight us with their beautiful flowers from spring through early fall. Whether you're a gardener with a green thumb or a beginner, annuals are a must-have for their vivid and long-lasting color. New gardeners find annuals fun and easy to grow, making them a springboard to working with a wider range of plants. People are attracted to the bright, colorful hues of annuals. Annuals are a great fit in all plantings garden beds, container gardens, and hanging baskets. They can be tucked into any spot in your garden that needs some color and pizzazz. In most cases, annuals are planted in the spring or summer. They flower through fall before perishing with frost at the onset of winter. Pansies, primrose and violas are exceptions. These cool-season annuals are planted in the fall or early spring, and provide gorgeous color until they eventually give way to the heat of summer.
At Holly Acres Garden Center, we carry hundreds of varieties of annuals in a rainbow of colors. We invite you to check out our most popular selections. There are thousands of colors of each variety (so dont select by the colors indicated in the pictures-it probably comes in many colors) and updating this list to include all of the different colors and varieties of each type is nearly impossible. Listed below are some of the more popular varieties that we typically stock during the season. However, due to various reasons, we may not have every variety listed at all times. To make sure that we have the exact variety you are looking for, please call us.
Asperagus Fern Begonia Rex Coleus
Cabbage/Kale Helichrysum Ipomoea
Lamium Lysimachia Vinca Major
Angel Hair Carex Cordyline
Dracena Juncus Kalamagrostis
Penstemon Phormium  


Alyssum Angelonia Agyranthemum Felicia Bacopa Wax Begonia
 Begonia Bidens Brachycomb Calibricoa Coleus Cosmos
Dahlia Dahlietta Dalburg Daisy Dianthus Diacia Fucia
Gazania Geranium Gerber Daisies Hibiscus Impatiens Ipomoea
Lamium Lantana Lobelia Marigold Marigiold Nasturtium
Osteopermum Pansies Pentas Petunia Phlox Portulaca
Primrose Ranunculus Regal Geranium Salvia Scaevola Snapdragons
Thumbergia Verbena Vinca Viola Zinnia  












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