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Common Purple Lilac 
   Syringia Vulgaris


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Fragrant lavender flower clusters bloom mid to late spring, filling your yard with sweet smelling fragrances for weeks, if not months. These plants are so aromatic, butterflies and hummingbirds will be attracted to it. Imagine being greeted by butterflies every day! These lilac shrubs make excellent hedges. They mature up to 8-15 feet tall, and give you a flowering alternative to most privacy shrubs. Trim once a year or leave them alone to grow into their natural form. Purple Lilac bushes reach their full size in a hurry... so you get a mature hedge quickly. Great for windbreaks or screens! Known for its cold hardiness, these lilacs will thrive in the north. Lilac bushes are great landscape additions, but they can also serve as excellent screening plants, providing you with both decoration and privacy in your home and garden. Plant multiple Lilacs to achieve a fragrance you can smell up to 100 ft. away! Adaptable to most soil conditions, and pest resistant, too! Mature Height: 8-15 ft. Mature Width: 6-12 ft. Sunlight: Full Sun Soil Conditions: Adaptable Drought Tolerance: Good

Lilacs come in many colors- Though purple is the most common color, you can often find lilacs that bloom with white, pink, blue and reddish-purple flowers.

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