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 Palisade Redhaven: Semi-freestone, heavy-bearing, cold-hardy. Bushels of big, luscious peaches that have an almost fuzzless skin over firm, creamy yellow flesh. Fruit is medium to large size Good for snacks, canning or freezing. Redhaven peach is a must have for any backyard orchard. It is juicy, sweet, and very tasty. Hardy to -25 Max elevation 6500
Elberta: Elberta used to be the "Queen of Peaches" before Redhaven was developed, but many still think it is. It still is an excellent quality, juicy, yellow freestone peach suitable for all uses. Hardy to -25 Max elevation 6500ft
Hale Haven: Fruit is large, yellow with red cheek, freestone. Flesh firm, juicy, very sweet, and richly flavored. Ripens early September. Tree is very productive, hardy.   Hardy to -25 Max elevation 6500ft
 Palisade Cresthaven: Grown throughout Palisade, Colorado-The Cresthaven Peach tree produces a very firm, highly colored red fruit. The juicy Cresthaven peach is yellow fleshed and shows considerable red around the pit. This tree is very productive and is also a freestone. The clear, firm flesh is resistant to browning and the skin is smooth but tough. perfect for eating and canning. Sold at Farmers Markets- While many varieties have better color than Cresthaven, its flavor is one of the best  Hardy to -25 max elevation 6500
Red Globe:  exceptional variety that ripens in mid-season, about three weeks after Redhaven.  The fruit it medium large and almost perfectly round. It is very firm, fine textured, and freestone. .Skin is golden yellow with blushing red cheeks. Ripens late Aug. to early Sept. Hardy to -30 Max elevation 6700
Reliance: Reliance peach is a medium sized fruit that is dark red splashed over a yellow background. This freestone peach is good for canning, freezing and fresh use. The tree is vigorous, fast growing, and has showy, bright pink blossoms. It is one of the most hardy peaches and can be grown in areas where most varieties are marginal. Excellent choice for cold areas! Even after -20 F. freeze Reliance will still bear peaches. Hardy to -25 Max elevation 6500
Sweet Cap®: A new peento-type or "donut" peach. It is flat with almost no pit, like a normal peach. It has attractive large, white fleshed fruit that are rosey red on a creamy white background. The white flesh is very firm and fine eating. It is juicy and aromatic with a nice acid and sugar balance. It ripens late in the season. Even though it is considered a "semi-clingstone", the pit is very small. Hardy to -30 Max elevation 7000ft (available in containers only)
  Polly Peach: Best peach for Colorado and higher elevations because it blooms later. This is a white peach, great tasting, freestone and high quality. Hardy to -30 Max elevation 7000ft
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 Peach Trees are self pollinating. Providing good care for your peach tree is the best insurance that it will pollinate and bear fruit. Plant it where it can get full sun and good air circulation. Prune sucker growth, the unwanted branches that grow at the crook of other branches. They drain nutrients away from the sturdier limbs where your fruit will later grow. Thin the branches after the crop has been picked, and thin fruit if the tree seems to overproduce. Otherwise the majority of the fruit will not mature properly.