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Superior: A  favorite for Colorado!  Late harvest season. Fruit is large-Skin is dark red-Flesh is clingstone and yellow. Good desert quality. . An ideal plum for eating off the tree and is also excellent for jam, jelly and desserts. A consistant, heavy bearer, the abundant crops should be thinned in early summer and are ready for picking in late August. Use another plum such as Toka as a pollinator. Clingstone. Hardy to -20
Maximum elevation: 6,500 ft
Toka: Tree produces a fruit that is red and of medium size this is one of the best pollinators for other plums. Richly flavored with apricot colored flesh. Wonderful Jellies, cans well and taste great right off the tree! This hardy tree is moderately vigorous and produces heavy crops that ripen in late August into September. Clingstone. Superior Cold hardiness! Great for higher elevations Hardy to -35 Max elevation: 8,500 ft
 Italian Prune: large, freestone purple plums - very sweet, perfect for drying, eating fresh, or canning. Flesh is sweet not sour like most plums. Very hardy. Max elevation 7500 ft. Late harvest season. Large, long, oval fruit, purple to dark blue skin over greenish-yellow flesh characterize this plum. The sweet flesh turns red when cooked or canned, also good for drying or fresh eating. These plums ripen in mid September. Thinning will prevent overbearing. Self-pollinating. Freestone.
Hardy to -30 Maximum elevation: 7,500 ft
Stanley Prune: If you love prunes, this is your tree. Stanley produces fruit that is oval, dark blue skinned, with golden, freestone flesh that is firm and delicious. Sweet and firm throughout including skin for fresh eating. Annual, abundant crops ripen in September and are well-suited for fresh eating, canning, and preserves as well as for drying. Extremely similar to Italian Plum, this tree is self-pollinating, and is also a great pollinator for other plum trees. Later blooms make this a good cold climate plum. Hardy to -30 Maximum elevation: 7,500 ft
Mount Royal: This a very hardy European blue plum that has yellow clingstone is good eaten right off the tree or excellent for dessert or drying. Excellent flavor. Trees produce, small, sweet, tender plums that ripen in mid to late August. Self-pollinating. Hardy to -35 Maximum elevation: 8500 ft
Tri-Lite Peach Plum: Fruit is large round with purplish-red skin. Flesh is yellow, juicy with good flavor. Partly self-fertileThis white-fleshed peach/plum hybrid can be eaten firm. It has a mild, classic flavor with a wonderful plum aftertaste that makes this a a unique treat. Early ripening in June.   Hardy to -30
Maximum elevation: 7,000 ft
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