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Types of Trees
Balled and Burlapped Tree 
Balled and Burlapped
Container-grown tree 
Container- Grown
Bare root tree 
Bare Root

Trees purchased from Holly Acres generally come in one of three forms:

When to Plant Trees

Climate plays a deciding role when determining the appropriate planting time.  Newly planted trees do best when exposed to moderate temperature and rainfall and they need time to root and acclimatize before the onset of intense heat and dryness of summer or the freezing temperatures of winter. Spring and early fall, therefore, are generally the best planting seasons (depending on your location) with spring preferred over fall in the more northerly latitudes. However, we live in Colorado, Predicting the climate here is...Well, UNPREDICTABLE to say the least. Picking the proper time to plant here is only as successful as predicting our weather patterns for that particular year.

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Balled and Burlapped
The roots of the tree and the ball of soil containing the roots are bound in burlap.

The plant is sold in the container in which it was grown.

The plant is sold with the roots exposed. We offer bare-rooted trees to our customers early spring while still in dormancy. Bare-root planting can save you money, but you are taking more risk.