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Holly Acres Nursery is the largest supplier of Fruit Trees in Colorado! We grow most of our Fruit Trees On Site at 6800 Elevation, Insuring these trees will survive in Colorado climate. We specialize in selections and varieties Hardy for Colorado and The Eastern Plains. Carrying Bareroot, Potted or Larger specimen Balled and Burlapped Trees- At "Grower Direct" prices.

Everyone should have a few fruit trees growing in their yard, or if space allows, consider a small orchard that can feed so many! There is a special and satisfying feeling when you create your own Garden of Eden. Theres nothing like meandering through your trees, with beautiful, fragrant spring flowers slowly developing into sunkissed, brightly colored, juicy tasty treats. Growing fruit trees can be as simple or as complex as one desires. From a trusty productive old Apple Tree to more time consuming espaliers or muliple grafted fruits. Colorado can grow many types of fruit trees successfully. 
Potted Fruit Trees
2019 Bareroot Fruit Trees
Big 2"-3"Fruit Trees
Potted Trees have their benefits, easy to transport and plant without heavy equipment and can be planted at anytime. Priced by Container size.
#5 $49.99
#7 $59.99
#10 $99.99
Bareroot trees are trees sold in dormancy, no pot, no soil. A perishable item. These trees are time sensitive and must be orderd Before
pick up and planting time.
(March 1st through April 1st)
ONLY $23.99 each
Instant Orchard (10+ Trees your choice)
ONLY $21.99 each 
2-3" Caliper Trees
Can come in a #25 Container or Balled and Burlapped. These trees are easiest to plant with heavy equipment. Can be planted anytime.