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  1. Anjou Pear Tree
  2. Bartlette Pear Tree
  3. Bosc Pear Tree
  4. Flemmish Beauty Pear Tree
    Flemmish Beauty
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Anjou Pear
 Anjou is oval-shaped, and somewhat stubby, with smooth yellow-green skin and buttery, creamy flesh.  Anjou pears make a succulent fresh pear and are firm enough for baking , grilling or poaching.  Hardy to -20° degrees. Max Elevation 6000ft (Recommended pollenizer Bartlette)
Bartlette Pear
Fast Growing and productive, 15ft tall 12ft wide.  Widely planted. Pear is thin skinned soft and Juicy. Excellent eaten fresh or for canning.  (Recommended pollenizer Bosc or Anjou) Hardy to -20° degrees. Max Elevation 6000ft
​Bosc Pear
The Bosc pear tree produces large, long-necked pears with golden-brown russeted skin and white, juicy flesh. The rich, acidic flavor gives it a sweet-spicy taste, making it a favorite for eating and cooking. Fruit ripens best at room temperature after being picked in early September and kept in cold storage for 2-6 weeks.Hardy to -25° Maximum elevation: 7,000 
Flemmish Beauty Pear
Flemish Beauty is a vigerous, cold hardy pear tree. It produces roundish fruit with thick clear yellow skin speckled with red when ripe.  Self-pollinating, but it’s best to have another variety for best production.  Max Elevation 7,000
​Lucious Pear
 Luscious pear: Hardy, disease resistant- an excellent dessert pear. Small, yellow with a little red blush. Flavor is similar but more intense than Bartlett. Juicy, pleasant and sweet. It ripens in late September. Hardy to -30°  Maximum elevation: 7,500 ft
​Hosui Asian Pear
A wonderful flavored large round Asian Pear.Asian pears combine the sweetness of Pear with the crunchiness of crisp Apples. Their mild flavor is sweet and slightly tart. It needs other Pear trees to pollinate. Cold hardy, drought resistant and heat tolerant. Hardy to -20° degrees. Max Elevation 6000ft
Parker Pear
Parker is a sweet tender pear that is very good for fresh eating, baking, desserts, and storing. It is a medium to large, roundish, yellow-bronze fruit with fine-grained, tender, and juicy flesh. Fruit must be picked before it ripens. Another favorite for Colorado. Upright, vigorous growing tree bearing in mid-August. Hardy to -30°
Maximum elevation: 7,500 ft
  1. Seckle Pear Tree
    Seckle Pear
  2. Summercrisp Pear
    Summercrisp Pear
  3. Sueri Asian Pear Tree
    Sueri Asian Pear
​Seckle Pear
Commonly called a Sugar Pear and although it isn't the prettiest fruit, it is one of the best quality dessert pears. It is small and yellowish brown with extremely sweet juicy flesh. It has a distinctive, spicy, rich, aromatic flavor and is also ideal for canning.  Good Pollinator for other Pears. Hardy to -30° Maximum elevation: 7,500 ft
Summercrisp Pear
Hardiest of Pears. Productive disease resistant tree. Fruit is similar to Bartlett only sweet and crisp Ripens late August. Max Elevation is 8000 ft.  A favorite for growing in Colorado. Hardy to -30°Maximum elevation: 7,500 
​Sueri Asian Pear
The large, bright orange fruit on this attractive, disease resistant zone 4 tree is delicous.  It is very vigorous and productive. The aromatic fruit ripens in mid-October. It is fireblight resistant. Hardy to -30° Maximum elevation: 6,500 
  1. Surecrop Pear Tree
    Surecrop Pear
  2. Ubileen Pear Tree
    Ubileen Pear
​Surecrop Pear
Surecrop has large fruit with yellow skin and firm, juicy, white flesh. Resembles Bartlett in looks and flavor. Consistent bearer. Long blooming period, which makes it ideal as pollenator. Cold hardy and fireblight resistant. Ripens September.  Hardy to -30° Maximum elevation: 6,500 
​Ubileen Pear
Pear is  large, very early ripening, delicious, juicy and sweet. The tree is a fast grower and highly productive. . Ripens in late July, fully one month before most other European Pears. Hardy to -30° Maximum elevation: 6,500